PetPals Clement 61" Cat Scratcher

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PetPals Clement multi-level cat tree, Fleece cradle with four perches, two rubber massager at the base of the post good for self-massage. Fleece and jute perches for cats to nap and fun, chocolate paper rope post for scratching needs. Teasing toys to enhance the fun. Easy to clean with lint roller or vacuum. Assembly needed approx. 15-20 min, all tools included.

This series of cat tree features soft and thick fleece perches; rubber massager, eco-friendly jute cover with teasing toys attached. The soft and thick perches provide our feline companion with maximum comfortability; Unique rubbing rubber massager at the base of the post to pamper our feline companion. Jute cover is eco-friendly and sturdy, along with the chocolate paper rope post, provides the rubbing collection with a fashionable looks that fits in with any home décor.

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