Perky-Pet® Fruit Trio Oriole Nectar Bird Feeder

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It’s no secret that orioles have a sweet tooth. The Perky-Pet® Fruit Trio Oriole Nectar Feeder allows you to serve three of their favorite foods in one convenient location. The large reservoir can hold up to 30 oz of nectar, which is accessible through four feeding ports around the feeder base. This unique feeder also includes a jelly cup and orange spike, which attach to the ports so you can serve up an orange slice and a sampling of jelly – two of orioles’ favorite treats! Orioles won’t be able to resist visiting this enticing feeder.

The vibrant orange color makes this feeder hard to miss – orioles will easily be able to spot it as they fly nearby. When they stop to feed, the four large perches provide plenty of room for multiple orioles to rest while they dine on their sweet treats. To protect your nectar from insects, this oriole feeder comes complete with a built-in ant moat and bee guards. To use the ant moat, simply fill the top of the cap with water to prevent ants from crawling down the feeder to access the ports.

For easy filling and cleaning, the Perky-Pet® Fruit Trio Oriole Nectar Feeder features a convenient wide-mouth opening. Plus, the clear glass bottle allows you to easily monitor nectar levels at a glance so your orioles never run out! Use the built-in hanging hook to hang the feeder anywhere around your yard where you can easily view the bird-feeding action.

Why Birds Love It:

  • Nectar ports, an orange spike and jelly cup provide three enticing food options for orioles.
  • Four large perches provide plenty of room for multiple birds to perch and dine simultaneously.
  • The vibrant orange color is attractive and easy to spot when flying nearby.
  • The 30 oz nectar capacity keeps orioles in good supply.

Why You'll Love It:

  • The feeder’s wide-mouth opening makes cleaning and filling effortless.
  • A clear reservoir allows for easy monitoring of nectar levels.
  • Insects can’t gain access to nectar thanks to a built-in ant moat and bee guards.
  • The 3-in-1 serving option ensures plenty of exciting bird activity at the feeder.
  • Multiple serving options to attract more orioles
  • Wide-mouth opening for easy cleaning and filling
  • Built-in ant moat and bee guards keep out insects
  • Includes orange spike and jelly cup attachments
  • Four feeding ports with perches
  • Holds up to 30 oz of nectar

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