JW Flea Comb

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The Grip Soft Flea Comb is a comfortable ergonomically designed comb with metal teeth placed tightly together to pick up fleas in even the densest coats. JW GripSoft Flea Comb features a tight-teeth design that comb allows you to make a quick and easy periodic check for fleas. Great for pets with curly, flat, wiry, long, medium or short hair. JW combs are specially designed with the teeth turned 9 degrees away from the skin to keep the teeth parallel to the skin while combing. This prevents "raking" the skin while combing and is more comfortable for your pet.Use on Curly, Flay, Wiry, Long, Medium & Short Pet Hair!Grip Soft handle for a comfortable grip while grooming your pet.Tight-teeth design for quick & easy pest checks

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