CHUCK IT! Amphibious Ring

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Amphibious flight and floatation dog toy with memory foam. Chuckit Amphibious Ring is the ultimate flying and floating dog frisbee.

A totally unique range of dog toys made from a combination of memory foam and tooth-rugged nylon giving them superior flight in the air and high floatation in water. Certain areas are rubber lined to provide grip. Easy on your dog's mouth but also tough and strong. Memory foam has the ability to produce a light, soft and buoyant toy. The material is also durable and keeps its shape. The range is designed for exceptional visibility and performance.

As far as dog frisbees go this one is hard to beat. Chuckit Amphibious Ring is great for land or water. 21cm in diameter with an 8cm cut out in the middle. The whole ring contains memory foam and the raised edge is rubber lined for grip.

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