Brome Squirrel Buster Peanut Wild Bird Feeder

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Brome Squirrel Buster Peanut


Holds 3/4 quarts

A No Mess No Waste™ option for clinging birds, with a tail prop for woodpeckers.

Brome Bird Care caused quite a stir with the introduction of the Squirrel Buster wild bird feeder in 1999. Three-time recipient of Birdwatch America’s Best New Product award, they have earned the respect and recognition of an entire industry.

The Squirrel Buster Peanut +™ is the latest sensation to hit the market in time for the winter bird feeding season, that most popular pastime. Squirrels everywhere will despair and bird feeding fans will rejoice over this new feeder, designed with the signature squirrel proof patented technology and the new “No Mess – No Waste” feature.

It holds shelled peanuts or wild bird food nuggets, a new high energy, suet-based food. Most of the food gets eaten, with very little falling to the ground. So, no waste, and no clean up under the feeder, making it ideal for decks or apartment balconies.

Easy to assemble, to fill, to adjust for different birds, to dismantle for cleaning, we love the Peanut+. Birds cling to the metal mesh while eating. If a squirrel climbs aboard, the metal shroud moves down to cover the feed ports. And, it is Chew Proof, which drives the squirrels nuts!

The all-new Peanut+ will turn heads with its innovative design features including the Woodpecker friendly Tail Prop, which allows woodpeckers to use their tails for support and balance while feeding.

Not just another feeder, the Peanut+ is designed with both the birds and the customer in mind. So, the Peanut+ offers something for everyone. Well done, Brome Bird Care!

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